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Why Choose DECKco

  • Experience - Experience Counts. Deck building isn't rocket science but the details make the difference between an average deck and the best deck. When we started our company in 2005, we thought we were pretty good deck builders, we are way better now than we were then. We are general contractors, which means we build a lot of different things, but deck building is our passion. We spend a lot of time researching best practices and latest products to make sure we build the best possible deck. Every year decking manufactures come out with new products and building code is always evolving, we research and study these things. Many of the decks we build require engineering because they are extremely large, have roofs, need to support a hot or other specialty items. We learn a lot from this engineering and apply the principles to all the decks we build.


  • Lifetime Warranty - We warranty our labor for the life of the deck. If something wasn't done right we will take responsibility for it.


  • Licensed and Insured - We have a general contractors license that allows us to build small and large residential projects and most light commercial projects. We also have a licensed electrician on staff. And just in case an accident occurs we also carry all the required insurances and then some. 


  • No Money Down - We don't take any money until the work has been competed. This gives the customer piece of mind knowing that their deposit won't be stolen, If the work isn't done right they have leverage to make it right, and we won't drag the job out for longer than necessary because we want to get paid.


  • Quality Components - We use the best fasteners, hangers, and bolts designed for outdoor decks. All of the nails, hangers, post bases, and ledger bolts used for the frame of your deck are fully galvanized. The screws and other fasteners are made for composite decking.


  • Fully Sealed lumber - When we stain or paint a deck frame we do it as part of the assembly process. After each board is cut it is stained on all 6 sides prior to being put in place. By doing this we are able to completely seal the lumber including the end grain. When a deck is sealed/painted after assembly only 2 or 3 sides of each board are sealed.


  • Referrals - Our goal is to make every customer completely satisfied so they will recommend us to their friends and neighbors. If you want to go see our work, chances are we have built a deck in or close to your neighborhood. Most of our customers are happy to show off their deck to others.


  • DECKco is a Red Deer Construction company founded in 2005. The owners Jacob Ross and Tim Barnes have been in the construction industry for more than 20 years each. Each of them are "hands on" on each project. Tim does all the bids and consultations so when you get a free bid from DECKco you get an expert deck builder not a paid salesman.

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